Your solar installation

 A typical installation takes JM Electrical solar installers 2 days to complete.

Before our solar installers can start work, we will arrange for scaffolding to be erected at your home or the site.  This will ensure that our solar installers can work safely and ensure that no damage occurs to the solar panels.

The team will usually consist of 3 members; an experienced roofer, the electrician and, when required, an electrical improver, depending on the size of the installation.

Once all of the roof mounting system is fixed and the solar panels have been secured to the rails, our solar installers will connect the DC system of the panels to an inverter, usually a sunny boy inverter,, which is usually sited within the loft space and connected to the fuse board via your new generation meter.

Our solar installers will then carry out the commisioning and testing of the system to ensure it is operating as it should be. Any monitoring devices will now be linked to the system so you can view all the data, including the co2 emmisions that have been reduced.

 At this point, we will run through the installation and help you (if neccesary)  complete any feed in tariff paperwork that you have received from you electricity distributor.

You should now be saving on your electric bill, reducing  your C02 consumption and also generating an income, which can be claimed from your distributor annually or 6 monthly.

Happy solar generating...!!!