J M Electrical now installing voltage optimization systems

  • Written by John M

Voltage optimization is a form of energy monitoring and a well established, proven technology.  It works by controlling and maximizing your power demand to meet the energy requirements of your electrical equipment .  It also stops you from exceeding the amount of energy that is required.  It allows you to use only what is needed, reducing the amount of energy you use and allowing you to save electricity.

In the UK, electricity is supplied at around 240 Volts.  Electrical equipment manufacturers produce products to suit the whole world and therefore their products are able to work across a wide voltage range, anywhere between 207 Volts and 253 Volts.  This wasted energy costs you money and causes appliances to wear out more quickly, as they deal with the extra voltage by generating extra heat or vibration.

By installing a unit in your home, voltage will typically be reduced to around 218 Volts, ensuring all your appliances and circuits run perfectly well.

The unit is installed between the electricity meter and the consumer unit.  Installation is straightforward but must be done by a qualified electrician.

Voltage optimization can reduce your electricity bills by up to 18% a year.

For a family of 3, in a 2 bedroom terraced house, the annual saving is £100.

For a family of 4, in a 3 bedroom semi-detached house, the annual saving is £150.00.

For a family of 5, in a 4 bedroom detached house, the annual saving is £200.00.

(Savings are based on current average electricity price levels and estimates of typical usage).