Electrical fault causes fire at Wirral house

  • Written by JM Electrical

AN electrical fault is believed to have caused a fire at a house in Wallasey last night.(21/08/12).

Firefighters were called to a property in Wesley Avenue out after reports of a smell of burning coming from the living room.

A quantity of electrical wiring had been severely damaged by the small fire in the ground floor living room.

Firefighters checked the fire was out. A small area of wall near a television was damaged by smoke from the electrical fault.

Smoke alarms were present at the house but did not activate due to insufficient smoke.

Firefighters also carried out a Home Fire Safety Check while at the property.

An appliance from Wallasey Community Fire Station attended the call-out. An appliance from Birkenhead Community Fire Station also responded to the call-out. Firefighters had left the property by 8.57pm.

Watch Manager Malcolm Eaton said: "This fire was caused by live wires behind a skirting board that had just been taped together at some point in the past. It was just a matter of time before a fire started.


"We would always advise that people make sure they have a qualified and accredited electrician to do work on their homes.

"A family were living at the property and smelt burning and called the Fire Service. The family did the right thing and turned the electricity supply off to the house at the mains and were out of the building when we arrived."