Thermographic imaging

What is it?

Thermal imaging is the process of using a special thermal camera designed to look only for heat by way of Infrared (IR) energy waves. IR is invisible to the naked eye, therefore, so is heat. Potential problems can often be found due to an excess of heat. Undetected, these problems can lead to failure. These failures can result in expensive production loss or downtime and, in the most extreme case, can lead to fire.

Why carry out thermographic surveys?

A thermographic survey is one of the simplest and most accurate methods employed to monitor and predict when a system might fail.  It is becoming more and more popular in predicting what objects or electrical and mechanical components are beginning to, or are about to fail, while in use.

Benefits of the service

  • Identify problems before they happen
  • The ability to quantify the degree of failure.
  • Allow planned system maintenance to be prioritised and budgeted for.
  • Non-disruptive as there is no need to shut down services.
  • Avoid unnecessary, potentially dangerous and disruptive downtime.

Our sevices

Our specialist thermographic engineers carry out a survey while all equipment or services are ‘under load’ or being used without the need to shut down services and with minimal disruption. The images are stored and downloaded to specialist analysis software, after which your advisory report is prepared giving any maintenance recommendations.  Contact us for more information or to request a thermographic survey.