Fire alarms


Fire alarm systems.

It is your responsibility as an employer of 5 or more people to have a written risk assessment and emergency plan.  Buildings and places where the public may be at risk are subject to further regulations.

Our services

Fire alarm periodic inspection and testing

J M Electrical engineers will carry out the following tests to confirm the system operates in a fire condition.

  • Switch the mechanism of every call point into alarm position.
  • Check all automatic detectors for damage.
  • Functionally test every smoke detector and heat detector.
  • Full functional test of system components, battery, sounders etc.

On completion of the testing you will receive

  • A certificate outlining observations and recommendations and items inspected and tested.
  • A fire alarm log book to record all subsequent tests.

If your commercial property hasn't had a periodic inspection for its fire alarm system within the last year, or is due for an inspection, use our Contact Us page to arrange a free survey and competitive, no obligation quotation. It is recommended in BS 5839, that among other routine inspections and tests, a 12 monthly inspection of the fire alarm system is necessary.

Fire alarm installation

We carry out the installation of fire alarm systems, so if you are the person responsible for the occupants within the building and you are unsure whether the building meets the current regulations, contact us at  J M Electrical, as we offer a free survey and quotation.